Twenty years ago, on the PlayStation One console, dropped the second most popular kart racing game – Crash Team Racing. Developed by Naughty Dog, this game was chasing the legendary Nintendo’s Mario Kart success but with couple of changes that made it popular within the fan base.  We older players for sure remember its dynamic courses, flavorful lore, challenging-yet-clear power-sliding mechanic, and lack of catch-up items that made it differ from Mario. Roster of colorful and fun characters from Crash game trilogy returns in this remastered release and we are bringing you the Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled 2020 review. Retro tracks have been updated with beautiful graphics that will serve as a stunning distraction in the heat of a race, and characters have even more personality thanks to all those extra pixels and polygons thanks to current state graphics.

For those that haven’t had the opportunity to play the original game, this arcade racer’s main point is to steer your way through the series of tracks that are designed to be full of obstacles that will slow you down, power ups that will speed you up and item crates that you can pick up and use in order to gain advantage or give disadvantage to your competition. The main quality of this remake is that it keeps the spirit and fun level of the original game while adding some modern updates such as redesigned HUD and some unlockable cosmetic changes to your characters. There are 31 tracks in the game currently and it will be a great challenge to try and master them all. Keys to the winning are well timed power slides and smart usage of power ups that you get when you hit the box marked with question mark.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Gameplay Review

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Racing in this game feels really smooth, and races are faster tempo than Mario Kart which isn’t a bad thing. You can choose if you want to use retro controls of the original CTR, with holding X to accelerate, or you can choose the modern scheme which reflects recent racing games and it will be enjoyed by newer generations of players. Nods to the original game are abundant in this title. Besides it, CTR Nitro Fueled also features bits from other games, such as Crash Nitro Kart. Players will choose their characters and skins and they will get down to race. Power-ups are varying from Aku Aku and TNT boxes through to throwable bombs and homing rockets that will cause mayhem and nobody will finish the race without receiving some action.

There are various modes in CTR Nitro Fueled, including adventure mode carried over from the original game, which follows the story of our heroes racing against alien Nitros Oxide that challenges them with the threat of destroying the planet. You as a player will have to choose a character and win a series of races that include level bosses, all this in order to reach a final face off against Nitros. While playing the adventure mode, you may choose to do it in classic style with one character, or you can swap characters as you wish in Nitro Fueled style. It will provide you with a challenge and you will enjoy completing it, but the real value of CTR lies in console multiplayer so read on this Crash Team Racing Nitro fueled review for PS4.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Multiplayer Review

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As the old school players will remember with delight, and new players will soon discover, Crash Team Racing’s main feature is multiplayer and here is where the game excels. Modern times are bringing the internet component into the play, and CTR Nitro Fueled is using it’s full potential with plethora of online modes, but if you want to have fun at a house party you can still play in four players split screen mode. Multiple new modes also include the battle royale arena where the goal is to defeat your opponents with weapons instead of racing. Maximum number of players in one match is set to eight, including computer controlled bots. To join online lobby you need to select matchmaking, but you can also create your own lobby and have people to join in.

You will style your characters through rich customization options, with various karts, colours, wheels and skins available in the in game store that you can purchase with gold currency. You will earn gold easily by participating in races, and hopefully winning them. There are three different play styles in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and based on them you will select your character. They are beginner, intermediate and expert. Players should choose their characters based on their skills in the game and the difficulty of the tracks they want play. Beginner is for newbies to the game or on tracks that have a lot of difficult turns, beginner characters are easier to control but don’t have the highest speeds.  Intermediate is for players comfortable with the game but who haven’t quite mastered the mechanics, these characters are faster than beginners but not as fast as experts. Expert characters are for seasoned pros or risk takers that have mastered the drift and boost mechanic, expert drivers can achieve max speeds.

Is CTR Nitro Fueled worthy of original game?

Overall Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is an enjoyable kart racer and it is worthy remake. The karts are fast and the tracks are challenging, so the campaign mode can be a little frustrating to casual and younger gamers. Multiplayer racing is a lot of fun, both locally and online, and you can easily get in a couple of races when you only have a few minutes of game time available. I love all of the customization options, but picking up all of the coins that you need and accomplishing all of the goals required will take some time to get through.

Can I Play Crash Team Racing on GM PS4 emulator?

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