Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need the latest version of DirectX for?2019-12-06T15:50:32+00:00

DirectX is necessary for playing games on your pc, to put it simply DirectX is adjusting your configuration so your PC can run smoothly while you play games.

System and hardware requirement?2019-12-06T15:51:04+00:00

If you are afraid that your PC is not good enough and that won’t be able to use the Game Master emulator? Well, don’t worry because you don’t need a strong PC to handle it all you need is free space on your hard drive and a mid-tier PC.

Is Game Master emulator download for free?2019-12-06T15:52:07+00:00

Yes, yes it is free. If you want to download Game Master emulator all you need to do is go on our https://gmemulator.com/ps4-emulator/ page. Press download PC or Mac and enjoy playing PS4 games on your PC!

What is human verify?2019-12-06T16:06:53+00:00

There is a possibility that during the download of Game Master emulator or downloading a password for the game that you chose you will need to prove that you are a real humman and not a machine or bot. In some cases, there will be a pop-up that you will need to fill if you want to continue your download.

Can download the game on my pc or mac and run it in the emulator?2019-12-06T15:53:52+00:00

Unfortunately, that is not yet possible, all of our games are getting started up first on our server. Without the server, you can’t run the game.

What does it mean when you get a message pop-up “server capacity is currently full”?2019-12-06T15:57:16+00:00

When you get that message we are sorry to inform you that our server is at full capacity at a moment, you must wait and try again a little later to connect. We are currently working on this issue and are happy to inform that we are upgrading our server so there will be no more q waiting in the future.