Hello gamers, welcome to our Grand Theft Auto 5 Review. As someone who grew up playing GTA games since very young age (wink wink), I have always been the fan of this mega popular franchise. From the top-down perspective of GTA 1 & 2, to 3D transition when Grand Theft Auto 3 dropped like everybody’s jaws, we have come a long way to the year 2013. when first edition of GTA 5 dropped for Xbox 360 and PS3. A year after that we had next gen re-release for Xbox One and PS4 that raised the bar even higher in this open world simulation of crime and fast cars where you can live and play as you wish. Read on this Grand Theft Auto V PS4 review to discover how to play it to the fullest.

GTA IV (2008.) represents transition from 3D world of GTA III and San Andreas to the HD universe. We followed the adventures of Eastern European immigrant Niko Bellic and his cousin Roman in the Liberty City that we know from GTA III and which is based on New York and New Jersey. The game was amazing in its own manner but it had some flaws. Boys from Rockstar set their goals higher this time and for GTA V they created certainly the most lively and immerse worthy world that you can find in the gaming today. What I love in GTA games, and this title carries a lot of it, is the satire. GTA 5 is the best satire of modern American society. Technical aspect is polished to perfection and developers wanted to give their maximum. Open world is based on the expanded city of Los Santos that we know from adventures of CJ in San Andreas. There are many rural areas and even forests and lakes to explore this time. This time we have a fully-fledged official online multiplayer that is the beast even today, more than 5 years after it’s release. Our GTA V review will show you all secrets in this wonderful title.

Grand Theft Auto V Single Player Review

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The setting of this game is in the city of Los Santos and its surroundings, which is based on Los Angeles and Southern California. This time, for the first time in the GTA series, you are controlling three main characters that you can switch between. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are completely different but they are connected through the plot of the game and you will participate in their mischiefs as the story unveils. Main focus of the game are heists, and the game will start with a flash back scene of you as a Michael robbing the bank in a small town with Trevor and your other partner. Getting to the current timeline, Michael is retired, living in Vinewood hills, which is based on Hollywood, with his cheating wife, slutty daughter and deadbeat son which all hate him. Franklin is gangbanger from the hood trying to find opportunity to earn some money. Trevor is psychopath, living in the countryside and creating his drug dealing empire in the desert in a manner of Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

The missions will interchange between our protagonist’s individual stories which will become more intertwined as the story progresses. Each character has their own motives and your style of play will vary as you switch between them through the amazing top-down satellite style animation. Also, with each character you will have different special ability that matches their style. Like in legendary Max Payne, Michael can slow time while aiming, allowing him to get rid of enemies with precision. His missions are mostly revolving around his dysfunctional family. Franklin can slow time while driving, which will prove useful for his missions that involve driving cars. Trevor is built for maniac killing sprees so his ability is rampage, which boosts his damage and enables him to cause maximum mayhem. We all had episodes in previous games of GTA where we would just kill everything in our path and Trevor embodies that. That was the Grand Theft Auto V single player review.

GTA V Online Multiplayer Playstation 4 Review

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We all remember Grand Theft Auto franchise through the singleplayer and exciting story focused gameplay, but starting with GTA San Andreas fans started to create online multiplayer modes which enabled players to experience the open world with their friends and other players from all over the world. Rockstar recognized the demand so they implemented some multiplayer game modes in GTA IV where you could enter online matches, but in GTA Online for the first time we got the fully developed open world of Grand Theft Auto in MMORPG like environment of character creation and development. You will start from scratch, choosing the gender, looks and parents of your character. You will be greeted by Lamar who will give you your first missions, a gun and instructions of how to get around in the online version of Los Santos. The more you play, the more money you will earn and you will be able to buy more clothes, apartments, cars and of course guns. There are tons of updates that have dropped in these years and GTA Online has grown to complete monster. You can do whatever you like, including joining deathmatches, heists, racing, flying, slashing, or missions with more complex objectives, and all of that is accessible through matchmaking system. You should definitely try it out, after reading our Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 review.

You will style your characters through rich customization options, with various karts, colours, wheels and skins available in the in game store that you can purchase with gold currency. You will earn gold easily by participating in races, and hopefully winning them. There are three different play styles in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and based on them you will select your character. They are beginner, intermediate and expert. Players should choose their characters based on their skills in the game and the difficulty of the tracks they want play. Beginner is for newbies to the game or on tracks that have a lot of difficult turns, beginner characters are easier to control but don’t have the highest speeds.  Intermediate is for players comfortable with the game but who haven’t quite mastered the mechanics, these characters are faster than beginners but not as fast as experts. Expert characters are for seasoned pros or risk takers that have mastered the drift and boost mechanic, expert drivers can achieve max speeds.

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