NBA 2k is one of the most popular sports simulation franchises, and it provides you with the realistic basketball experience like you would see on TV when you are watching NBA matches. It is developed by Visual Concepts, and published by 2K Sports. 2k19 is the 21st installment in the franchise and it was  released on September 6 of 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms. Cover art is featuring Anthony Davis wearing generic basketball jersey because it was released before he was traded to the LA Lakers. Read on to find out how the game feels in our brand new NBA 2k20 Review.

The first thing you will notice about NBA 2K20 is that everything in the game feels more intuitive. The learning curve of skills that you will need for playing competitive is still immense, but learning the basic mechanics is now a lot smoother than it used to be. A redesigned “2KU”, NBA 2K20’s optional tutorial mode, is particularly helpful and it doesn’t require more than an hour for beginners to get through. Control tutorial is set up so that an on-screen controller mimics the movement of the desired skill, making it plenty easy to imitate. Once you successfully learn a skill, like euro stepping toward the basket, you will be able to move on at whatever pace is comfortable for your style of play. This will allow you to try out some moves that you hadn’t been able to pull off previously at all.

NBA 2k20 Single Player – There are a lot of ups and downs

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NBA 2k20 gameplay follows the previous installments in the franchise, but it raises the bar even higher than before. Graphics have again seen an upgrade, with the lighting, renders, tattoos and hairstyles of players, neighborhood mode and MyCareer cut scenes delivered with a fresh beauty and style. Basketball players look and animations are expertly crafted to mirror their real-life stars and lots of apparel options have been added to help you to match the NBA player’s sense of style. We will now focus on gameplay as main part of this NBA 2k20 review. In our opinion, it is the best yet, with speed and fluidity that is unmatchable by any other basketball game, including previous 2k.

The action is now far more physical and realistic. It is really noticeable how smaller and quicker players have different feel in relation to bigger ones. There is strategy in remembering which combination of moves to perform for a given situation. You will have to keep notice of moves as most of them can be canceled while animation runs, and the result is that players will react to what is going on more realistically than ever before, so it will result in some impressive replays. There are four main game modes, with many options to choose from in each of them. You can get right to the basketball action in Play Now, which is also where you can find options to play with others locally. My Team is the card-centric mode where you build the best team you can with the cards you are dealt. Naturally, packs of cards are available for purchase using MyTeam or VC tokens, which can at least be earned on their own by playing the game, or purchased outright with real money. The My Career mode features an entertaining story, and it all starts with face-mapping. Using a smartphone, players can insert their own likeness right on to the player model.

NBA 2k20 Multiplayer Review

When we talk about NBA 2k20 multiplayer review, you can play a quick one with your buddies locally through the Play Now mode. There can be up to 4 players on one console, and it is pretty straightforward. Now we will take a look a bit more at the MyTeam mode, as there are many different sub modes to take your favorite players to the court. There is a standard five-on-five, which can be played either against the CPU or against other players. You can also try out a quicker three vs three mode which determines winner by first team that reaches 21 points.

There are rewards for everyone who participates, even the loser of a given match. Rewards will be in 2K’s premium currency, VC, which creatively stands for Virtual Currency. VC can also be bought with real life money. Of course, you can increase your player’s skills for free by performing well in scrimmages or training. But there is also the option of upgrading skills by spending those VC tokens of currency. A full upgrade for your character can cost upwards of 150,000 tokens which is 40$ in real world.

Is NBA 2k20 worth buying and playing?

NBA 2K20 review for PS4 has proven that this is the best basketball game around. Granted, thus far, the comparable competition still hasn’t shown up. But if and when it does, the bar has been set very high for the basketball sports simulation genre. Although facial animations of players are still odd, and it can be annoying that monetization appears in practically every mode, there are a lot of good sides to the game, such as the core ball play, plenty of gameplay modes, and a great presentation of this game. All of them are combining to make NBA 2K20 the best basketball game to beat this year.

Can I Play NBA 2k20 on GM PS4 emulator?

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